It is in a logic of complementarity that ACTE.NET has developed a Multidisciplinary Technical Studies Office, ACE.BET, to assist the various construction industry stakeholders in the construction of their projects. Our engineers and architects will assist you in the development of various technical, architectural or urban studies. Our services range from consultancy, document control and complete studies to the finalization of your projects. That is to say, the design of the plans, from the sketch to the execution plans, the realization of the complete studies, complete DCE (CSC, metrics, …), the comparison of price discounts with a view choice of companies, …, ie ESQ, AVP, APD, APS, PRO, ACT, EXE and as-built plans. All the projects, their different batches and their different phases can be processed in REVI-BIM digital mock-ups as shown here (link to digital model portfolio REVIT-BIM) These state-of-the-art services can be performed by us for all BET batches in accordance with the relevant national and international standards.